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Donnersohn's DK Poseidon a.k.a "Loki"

Tong came to the house on Valentine's Day, took one look at the puppies and decided he wanted to take one home. Tong informed us that they were looking for a replacement for their family dog who sadly passed away unexpectedly due to food poisoning.

Now here is Loki (we're a fan of the Avengers!!!), in his new cage taken cared of by the very pretty Sophie and the rest of Munoz's family of Davao City. Such a lucky, lucky boy! Talk about serendipity, a close family friend of ours is also a good friend of the Munoz family so there is THAT instant connection. Thank you once again for your trust in our kennel and looking forward to that play-date soon.

Donnersohn's Bust-a-Move a.k.a. "Justin"

 It started with just a text and before we know it, the Nobleza family of Davao City descended upon us.  I suppose it was love at first sight for their precocious daughter, Sari, who incidentally had instant rapport with our daughter.  Needless to say, they brought home "Justin" a day after they saw him.  Thank you Sari for choosing "Justin"(could she possibly named him after THE Justin Bieber?), he couldn't have chosen a better family than yours.  Cheers!



Donnersohn's Benihana Rocks a.k.a. "Beni"

 Beni finally found a home in the Maranan Family of Batangas.  Here's hoping Beni will bring pride and joy to your family as he did in ours.




Donnersohn's Stop n Stare a.k.a. "Miley"

  Miley finally found a home with the Landar Family in Sultan Kudarat.  But it took awhile before it pushes through.  Mr. Landar is in constant communication with me over the phone via calls and text messaging.  What closed the deal was the story he shared with us (hopefully, he doesn't mind my sharing this with everyone)----his wife kept badgering him about the beagle in Davao and loses sleep over it.  In fact, when his wife gets on the web, the first thing she does is look at our website.

  From my family to yours, thank you for choosing Donnersohn Beagles. 




Donnersohn's Braveheart a.k.a. "Don Charles"

  He was a promising puppy but a freak/rough play with litter mates when he was a few weeks old slightly affected his right eye thus leaving it slightly smaller than the other one.  Even though that was the case,  Kathy Ty of Davao City warmly embraces and aptly named him Don Charles.  Now, he is certainly the DON in the house---living in style and charmed existence.  

  Thank you Kathy for bringing home Don Charles.  We hope he brings you much joy and pride as much as you showered him with love and attention. A quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupery summarizes thus:  "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."







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